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William Forster - 26th February 1785 - U038

Otley, Fellmonger

The house and two closes called Low Hudstorff and High Hudstorff, and the three closes recently enclosed from the Forest of Knaresborough, in Thruscross, near Hudstorff; also all other my real estate, to my brother Marmaduke Forster Upon Trust.

My mother, Sarah Forster, to receive the rents and profits, and should my father, Marmaduke Forster, survive her, then the same to him.

At their deaths my Trustee to sell and share the money amongst himself and the rest of my brothers, and my sister.

[Named items] to my sister Sarah Forster.

Residue of goods and chattels to my brothers.

Witnesses : William Sewell, Walter Bailey, William Overend

Inrolled 22nd June 1785






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