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Isabella Jeffrey - 26th June 1784 - U045

Hampsthwaite, Spinster

After paying my debts the residue of my estate, except household goods, to be halved.

One half to my nephew Richard Newsom and his sisters Mary Horsman and Ann Gill, to be equally shared. Richard and Mary to receive total immediately and Ann an annuity of 3 until her share runs out.

The other half to be shared as follows :

5 to Mary Simpson, daughter of my nephew Henry Simpson, when she reaches 21. should she die before, then the same to her brother John Simpson.

The residue of the second half to my nieces Mary Curtis and her sister Jane Simpson.

Half of my household goods to my niece Ann Gill, and the other half to Mary Curtis and Jane Simpson

I appoint Jane Simpson as executrix.

Witnesses : William Hodgson, John Overend






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