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John Yeates - 20th April 1786 - U048

Hampsthwaite, Farmer

To my mother Mary Yeates an annuity of 1 10s, chargeable to my copyhold estate at Birstwith.

To my wife Mary Yeates, whom I appoint executrix, an annuity of 12, to reduce to 7 should she remarry, chargeable to my copyhold estate at Birstwith. Also [named items]. Also the tuition of my daughter Mary Yeates.

If my wife remarries before my daughter reaches 21, then the guardianship of her to pass to my friend Thomas Wilkes of Knaresborough, Common Brewer.

Residue of my estates to my daughter Mary when she reaches 21.

Witnesses : Marmaduke Bramley, Dorinda Bramley, William Bramley

Inrolled 26th July 1786






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