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Richard Ellis - 18th June 1784 - U059

Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my wife Sarah Ellis my personal estate and effects, along with money due to me from William Swale, late of Ripley, a Bankrupt, and appoint her Executrix. Also all my real estate.

At her death the same to my nephew Thomas Ellis of Burley Wood Head, whom I appoint Executor.

To my brother Thomas Ellis, £60.

To my nephew Richard Ellis, son of my brother Thomas, an annuity of £2

To my nephew Richard Swale £30.

To my nephew John Swale of Hartwith, £20.

To Sarah Hobson, wife of William Hobson of Harrogate, £10.

To Dorothy Dobson, daughter of the above, £5. Should she die before the legacy then the same amongst her brothers and sisters.

To Robert Dalby of Harrogate£5, and at his death this £5 to go to his daughter Ann Dalby.

To my nephew Richard Ellis, son of my nephew Thomas, £100. Also the residue of my personal estate.

Witnesses : Ellen Wilks, Richard Duckett

Inrolled 27th October 1785

Small inventory of 15th June 1785, by Thomas Thackeray and Henry Simpson, available.






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