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Peter Atkinson - 18th September 1781 - U067

Scriven with Tentergate, Flax Dresser

To my wife Ann Atkinson the house in Church Lane, Scriven with Tentergate, now occupied by Andrew Brasendall, and at her death the same to my son Peter Atkinson.

To my son Peter the house and shop, in Church Lane, in which I now live. Also the close of land called Halfpenny Close at Scriven, when he reaches 21.

To my three daughters, Mary Atkinson, Ann Atkinson, and Susanna Atkinson, 100 each two years after my death

To my wife, whom I appoint Executrix, the close of land called Moor Close. Also all my household goods &c, and personal estate, and stock in trade. She is to provide for my brother-in-law, Andrew Brasendall, meat, drink, and washing, during his life.

Witnesses : James Collins, Francis Fairbanks, John Foss

Codicil - 11th June 1785

As my son Peter is now deceased, I give the house in Halfpenny Close to my wife. I have now given 50 to each of my daughters, and this is to be considered as part of their 100 legacy.

Witnesses : James Collins, Francis Fairbanks, John Ingham

Inrolled 20th December 1786






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