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John Jeffrey - 21st November 1785 - U068

Timble Great, Yeoman

My Copyhold house called Stone House, at Gilbecks, Timble Great, to my grandsons, Henry Hardcastle and Joseph Roundill, subject to them each paying me an annuity of 3 during my life. At my death, Joseph is not to live with Henry in my house, which I give to him, subject to my legacies :

To my granddaughter Ann Roundill 100.

To my granddaughter Hannah Wood 25.

To Sarah Hardcastle 25.

To my great-grandchildren, the children of Aaron Hardcastle : John Hardcastle 25. William Hardcastle 20. Ann (alias Nanne) Hardcastle 20. all to be paid when they reach 21.

I appoint Henry Hardcastle as Executor.

Witnesses : Robert Burgess, Andrew Davidson, Tom Hardcastle

Inrolled 20th December 1786.






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