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John Dobson - 13th July 1786 - U078

Bilton with Harrogate, Yeoman

Whereas William Dickinson, late of Bilton with Harrogate, Yeoman, deceased, in his Will 22nd December 1766 bequeathed to me his copyhold property in Bilton with Harrogate to me and my wife Ann Dobson, and at our deaths to my eldest son William Dobson. He also bequeathed to my second son, John Dobson, his freehold and copyhold real estate at Swarcliff. Should either of my sons die before 24, then the property was to be devised to me, to dispose to my other children as I saw fit.

My son William died under 24.

I therefore give the real estate at Bilton with Harrogate, which was bought by William Dickinson from Richard Wilson, Esq., and the 2½ pasture gates on the Stray to my son John. Also the plot of land at Low Harrogate, occupied by Joseph Thackwray. Both of the above chargeable with £200 (part of the £400 due on Mortgage to Mr Benson of Knaresborough).

The three houses at Bilton with Harrogate now occupied by James Mills, Thomas Bastey, and George Sugden, also the several plots of land known as Stubbin’s Close and Stubbin’s Wood, now occupied by Francis Outhwaite, to my daughter Eleanor Inman, wife of Thomas Inman of Bilton with Harrogate, flax dresser.

The house, orchard and land in Bilton with Harrogate, along with the closes called Middle Close, Long Close, Broad Close, and Intack, now occupied by Samuel Barrett, and the houses now occupied by Jonathan Bastey, Thomas Taylor, and John Waddington, to my daughter Ann Sugden, wife of George Sugden, chargeable with £200 (the residue of the £400 Mortgage).

To my son John the £70 due on Mortgage of the Tolls arising from the turnpike road from the SW corner of the inclosures of Harrogate to Boroughbridge.

To my grandson William Sugden £100 when he reaches 21.

My wife to have all my household goods.

[Long list of named items to his children then follows]

Residue of real and personal estate to my wife whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : William Hardwick, James Holmes, Richard Bedford

Codicil - 6th April 1787

Adds that the real estate and named items to his daughter Eleanor are, at her death, to be split : The house occupied by George Sugden to go to his granddaughter, Mary Dobson, along with the named item of furniture : The other two houses to be divided amongst the children of Eleanor.

Witnesses : Robert Morley, John Poulter, James Collins






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