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James Squire - 30th March 1780 - U082

Allerton Mauleverer, Gentleman

To my wife Sarah Squire [named items of furniture, bedding, and silver], at her death the same to my eldest son John Squire.

To my wife my house and land at Whixley, occupied by William Cass and John Eden, at her death the same to my son John.

To my second son, James Squire, the close of land at Beckwith with Rossett, Parish of Pannal, containing 15 acres and recently purchased from Thomas Clark, and now occupied by Edward Clough, chargeable with 50 each to my two daughters, Nancy Squire and Mary Squire if they have reached 21 at my death, otherwise at 4 per year.

To my third son, Thomas Squire, my copyhold estate at Beckwith with Rossett, which I purchased from Dawson Roundell, Esq., now occupied by Edward Clough, chargeable with 100 each to my two daughters with the same provisos as above.

300 to be divided amongst the children of my brother Richard Squire.

Residue of my personal estate and effects to my wife and three sons.

I appoint my wife, by brother William Squire, and my brothers-in-law John Clark and William Clark, as Executors, and give them 1 guinea each for their trouble.

Witnesses : John Mason, Squire Mason, Francis Couper






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