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Sarah Houseman - 20th January 1788 - U097

Knaresborough, Widow

To my cousin Elizabeth Armstrong, who lives near London, £100.

To my cousins Isabella Armstrong and Margaret Beck, £10 each.

To my cousin Margaret Graham, who now lives with me, £100.

To my cousin Sarah Graham, £40 and my diamond ring.

To my friend Mrs Elizabeth Tinker, of Stepney, London, £5.

To my late husbandís nieces, Isabella Barber, Ann Houseman, Mrs Ann Wiseman, and Mary Snowden, the wife of Richard Snowden £5 each to buy them a ring.

To Isabella Barber my gold watch.

[Named items to] John Houseman, nephew of late husband, Ann Houseman, Isabella Barber, Sarah Snowden, daughter of Richard.

My clothing and personal estate to Margaret Graham and Elizabeth Armstrong, chargeable with my legacies.

I appoint my cousin, John Baines, of Plompton, as Executor, and give him £10 for his trouble.

Witnesses : Mary Wilks, Francis Fairbank






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