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Thomas Tuton - 22nd March 1783 - U099

Scriven with Tentergate, near Knaresborough, Linen Weaver

By authority of a Surrender 4th October 1734 enabling me to devise the waste land in Briggate, Knaresborough, upon which I have built. This to be divided into twentieths :

One part to my son Thomas Tuton.

One part to my grandson Richard Tuton, son of my late son John Tuton.

Eighteen parts to my son Richard Tuton.

To my grandsons Richard and John Tuton, sons of my late son John, 100 each.

To my granddaughters, Mary Tuton, Elizabeth Tuton, and Ann Tuton, daughters of my late son John, 50 each.

When my grandson Richard reaches 24 he is to surrender his one part to my son Richard.

To my son Thomas 200 two years after my death.

To my brother William Tuton an annuity of 6.

To my daughters-in-law Ann Tuton and Frances Tuton 20 each.

Residue of my real and personal estate to my son Richard and appoint him Executor.

Witnesses : James Collins, Edward Richardson, Francis Fairbank






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