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Rev Richard Swale - 18th April 1782 - U105

Arkendale, Clerk

I request interment at South Stainley, close to the body of my late wife. My coffin to be carried by my friends Rev Fairfax of Marton, Mr Manby and Mr Nursaw of Knaresborough, Robert Clemishaw of Goldsborough, Richard ???, Mr Williamson of Ripley, Abraham Ward of Stainley, and Thomas Middleton of Nidd. They are to be provided with a piece of cold roasted beef and a leg of mutton, and each to receive gloves and hatbands.

Richard Webster to be paid my share of his annuity, being 15 half yearly as left to him by his father and his brother.

1s to each poor family that receive Parish rates : Paid by John Cartwright at Arkendale, Abraham Ward at Stainley, and Thomas Middleton at Nidd.

My nephew, John Webster, now in America, owes me 70. I now give that to him

To my niece and goddaughter Hannah Redman, 40.

To my nieces Anne Bateman and Jane Bateman, of Knaresborough, 5 each for mourning.

My two Copyhold closes at Knaresborough, called Halfpenny Closes, now occupied by William Manby, merchant, to my niece Mary Cartwright, the wife of John Cartwright of Arkendale. At her death the same to her son Thomas Cartwright, chargeable with 100 to his brother-in-law John Webster.

Residue of my real and personal estate to my niece Mary Cartwright, the wife of John Cartwright of Arkendale, whom I appoint Executrix.

Witnesses : Joseph Critchlay, Richard Snowden, Edward Wise






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