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William Render - 26th June 1787 - U108

Clint, Parish of Ripley, Yeoman

All my real and personal estate at Clint to John Clough of the Parish of Eaglescliffe, and William Cook of Clint, In Trust to sell and apply the profit as follows :

To my daughter Mary Render 20.

To my daughter Elizabeth Schofield 40.

To my daughter Hannah Hopkin 40.

To my daughter Dorothy Leeming 20.

To my daughter [sic] Elizabeth Render one guinea.

To my granddaughter Elizabeth Ibbetson one guinea.

To my granddaughter Sarah Benson 20.

To my daughter Jane Grainge 40.

The residue of my estate to my son John Render, my daughter Eleanor Langley, and my daughter Mary.

I appoint my Trustees as Executors.

Witnesses : John Myers, Jeremiah Clapham, Mark Bell

Inrolled 14th October 1789






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