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Thomas Lund - 12th November 1788 - U110

Killinghall, Parish of Ripley

To my brother Robert Lund my share of the ground in Long Close, chargeable with £24 as follows :

£12 to the children of my sister Sarah Precious.

To Christopher Baines and Thomas Scott, £5 each.

To Mary Smith £2

To my nephew Thomas Lund, whom I appoint Executor, all my real estate in Killinghall, known as High Croft, Low Croft and Allotment Close, chargeable with £37 as follows :

£5 each to Richard Lund, Joseph Lund, John Lund, Elizabeth Wardman, Sarah Graham, my brother Robert, my brother Roger Lund, £2 to my brotherís daughter Mary Lund.

To my nephews Robert Lund and William Lund £5 each

Witnesses : John Strother, Ellen Broadbelt, Thomas Boldison

Inrolled 29th October 1789






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