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Peter Dalby - 10th October 1789 - U115

Bilton with Harrogate, Blacksmith

To my wife, whom I appoint Executrix, Ann Dalby my personal estate (except where mentioned), furniture and stock on the farm, also my two houses occupied by my son Peter Dalby and Rose Pullen. At her death or remarriage, the same to my daughter Ann Dalby.

To my son Peter the house now occupied by John Gibson, chargeable with the £20 mortgage that is owed to Thomas Dalby of Healey. Also the blacksmith shop, with all my tools and stock in trade, chargeable with an annuity of two guineas to my wife.

To my daughter Elizabeth Eden, wife of John Eden, £10, to be paid by my son Peter on the death of my wife.

If my daughter Ann comes in possession due to my wife’s remarriage, then she is to pay an annuity of one guinea to her sister Dorothy Dalby; payable until the death of my wife.

To my son William Dalby and my daughter Dorothy, £10 each, to be paid by my daughter Ann on the death of my wife.

Witnesses : Thomas Russell, William Lupton, William Fawcett

Inrolled 29th October 1789






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