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William Hardcastle - 16th March 1790 - V008

Hampsthwaite Hollings, Yeoman

To my daughters Susanna Snell, Hannah Wood, and Sarah Jackson an annuity of 9 10s each.

To the children of Susanna Joseph Snell, Thomas Snell, William Snell, John Snell, Ann Snell, Frances (Fanny) Snell, Elizabeth Snell, and Henry Snell, 10 each; and to her son Aaron Snell 15. All payable at the death of Susanna.

To William Hood, 20 after the death of his mother Hannah.

To Ellis Jackson, 20 after the death of his mother Sarah.

To my grandson William Hardcastle, son of my late son Aaron Hardcastle, 100, and to my granddaughter Ann (Nanny) Hardcastle, daughter of Aaron, 50, when 21.

If any of my grandchildren die before 21 then their share to go to my son Henry Hardcastle.

To my grandson John Hardcastle, son of the late Aaron, 400 when 21.

[Considerable number of provisos then follow]

To my son Henry Hardcastle the water corn mill, my houses and all other buildings at Fewston, chargeable with the above legacies and annuities.

All my estate at Dog Park (also known as Dobb Park) in the Parish of Weston, consisting of a water corn mill, kiln, and two islands lying between the River Washburn and the Mill Race, to my don Henry, chargeable with 100 to my son-in-law Joseph Roundell.

All my real estate in Clifton to my son Henry.

[Named items to family, including his wife Ann Hardcastle]

Residue of estates to my son Henry whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : William Snow, Jacob Wilks, William Vevers

Excellent inventory 14th August 1790 by John Wilks, William Bannister, William Holmes, and William Gill.

Inrolled 15th September 1790





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