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Jane Simpson - 9th September 1786 - V011

Scriven with Tentergate, Spinster

To my sister Mary Sharpe, widow, my household contents, and at her death my best dining table to my niece Frances Swale, a bedstead to my niece Frances Watkin, and the residue to my brother Henry Simpson.

To my sister Mary the interest on my money and securities, and my personal estate, and appoint her executrix.

To my niece Frances Swale 70.

To my niece Frances Watkin 40, these two legacies to be paid 6 months after the death of my sister.

Residue of my estate to my brother Henry.

Witnesses : Francis Bedford, James Holmes

[Also an Admon Bond for 1,000, dated 25th July 1792 Bondsman Henry Simpson]





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