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John Wood - 8th April 1791 - V027

Farnham, Yeoman

To my wife Dorothy Wood an annuity of 15 chargeable to my real estate.

To Francis Buck of South Stainley, Yeoman, and my uncle Mathew Wood, 5 each, and appoint them Trustees.

To my daughters Cecily Wood and Margaret Wood [named items] when they reach 21.

My Trustees to convert the rest of my personal estate to money and invest.

My real estate to my daughters. If they die without issue then the same to my father John Wood. If my father dies before my daughters then the same to my cousin John Wood, son of my uncle Mathew.

If my daughters die without issue then the annuity to my wife to be increased to 30.

If my cousin becomes entitled to my estate then I give his brother Mathew Wood 30, and to his sisters Jane Wood, Mary Wood, and Ann Wood, 10 each.

1 1s each to Richard Wood, John Wood, Mathew Wood, George Wood, Elizabeth Wood, and Jane Wood, the children of my uncle George Wood.

5 to Mary Wood, the daughter of my uncle William Wood.

10 each to Robert Stephens, John Stephens, Mary Stephens, and Eleanor Stephens, the children of Thomas Stephens.

I appoint my wife and my Trustees as executors.

Witnesses : William Dearlove of Farnham, William Ashlan, servant to John Wood, James Collins of Knaresborough





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