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Thomas Stubbs - 21st February 1789 - V033

To my eldest son John Stubbs my real estate at Holehouse, allowing my wife Anna Stubbs to live there.

My wife to have the close called Swalmire.

If my wife takes possession of the property then she is to be responsible for the mortgage and an annuity to sister Alice Downham.

My son John to pay 50 to my son Thomas Stubbs.

My real estate at Beckwithshaw to my son William Stubbs, chargeable with the 50 I owe to Thomas ?arlor and 40 owing to Sarah Slees, and the following legacies :

40 each to my daughters Hannah Dickinson, wife of John Dickinson, Mary King, wife of George King, Ellen Henson, wife of Thomas Henson, and Ann Stubbs.

20 to my grandson William Hays, and 10 to his sister, when they reach 21.

If my son William marries Martha Winterburn then the above devise to his is made null and void, and th property is to go instead to my son John, In Trust until my grandson Thomas Stubbs, son of my son William reaches 21, when he shall have it.

The residue of my estates to my wife and appoint her executrix.

Witnesses : Joshua Hardisty, Peggy Holmes, Richard Wood

Inrolled 17th August 1791






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