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Francis Robinson - 26th March 1790 - V036

Felliscliffe, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Cooper

To my wife Hannah Robinson an annuity of 5 chargeable to my copyhold property at Menwith with Darley. Also another annuity of 2 chargeable to my copyhold property at Timble.

To my daughter Hannah Simpson, wife of Henry Simpson, and annuity of 3, chargeable to my real estate at Timble.

All my real estate at Cynderhills to my son Richard Robinson, charged with the above annuities.

All my real estate at Timble to my son Miles Robinson, chargeable with 100 to my daughter Sarah Swiers, wife of William Swiers.

My real estate at Swarcliffe to my daughter Hannah, and at her death the same to her children.

My house at Westsike Green, Felliscliffe, to my wife, and at her death the same to my daughter Sarah.

To my son John Robinson 1s.

My personal estate to my wife and at her death to my children Miles, Richard, and Sarah.

To my son Miles my house at Kettlesing, recently bought from John Chambers and occupied by John Gite and William Harling as tenants.

To my son Richard all my tools of my trade as Cooper and half the stock of wood.

I appoint my wife executrix.

Witnesses : William Eaddie, Benjamin Moon, John Robinson

Inrolled 30th October 1791






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