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John Swale - 21st December 1791 - V041

Aiskew, Gentleman

To my son John Swale an annuity of 50, chargeable to my real and personal estate.

All my real estate at Felliscliffe and Hampsthwaite to William Raper, Christopher Raper, and Joseph Raper, sons of my daughter Ann Raper.

All my real estate at Clint to Robert Raper and James Raper, sons of my daughter Mary Raper.

My house and land at Aiskew to Francis Trapps of Nidd, Esq., and William Dawson of Aiskew, In Trust to receive the rents and place at interest.

If my son John Swale marries again and have a son living at the time of his death, then to pay the interest of the rents to him, and when he reaches 21 to assign over the property.

If there is no son then the same to John Raper, the eldest son of my daughter Mary.

To my grandsons John Scott, Jonathan Scott, and Joseph John Fryer, 100 guineas each when they reach 21.

To my daughter Isabel Swale an annuity of 5.

To the daughter of my late son William Swale the money he owed me.

To the poor of Hornby and West Appleton 1 10s to be shared amongst them as William Brown of Hornby Castle sees fit. If he predeceases me the shared out by the Parson of the Parish of Hornby.

Residue of my personal estate to my Trustees, In Trust, to pay the same to the sons of my son John, or if none then to the sons of Christopher Raper.

I desire to be buries at Hornby.

Witnesses ; Edward Richardson, William Slater, Anthony Dodsworth






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