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Dennis Manby - 10th December 1789 - V061

Felliscliffe, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

My half-house, stable, blacksmith shop, two gardens and garth, five closes called Great Worm Ing, Beanfield High End, Holm Lane Low End, and Holme Lane High Intack, totalling 3 acres, to my nephew John Manby, chargeable with 20 to my niece Hannah Manby, 20 to my niece Sarah Manby, and 20 to my niece Ellen Whincup.

My nephew John to make default of payment of legacies of 120 which was left by his father William Manby equally amongst his three daughters Hannah Manby, Sarah Manby, and Ellen Whincup. My copyhold estate bequeathed to my nephew John, and occupied by him, to be charged with these default legacies.

This copyhold estate is further charged with 5 to my nephew John Hudson; 2 to my sister Jane Holmes; 2 to my niece Ann Shires; 3 to my nephew Joseph Dibb; 2 to my niece Mary Whincup; 10s to my niece Hannah Barker; and 2 to my niece Mary Clapham.

The residue of my restate I give to my nephew John Manby, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Jeffray Hare, John Gill, Lydia Patrick

Inrolled 10th July 1793






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