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Ann Hardcastle - 19th November 1784 - V062

Hampsthwaite, Wife of William Hardcastle

To my nephew William Hardcastle of Spruisty Bridge, and, on his death, to his son William Hardcastle, chargeable with 100 to his sister Ann Hardcastle, the house and other buildings with several closes of land in Hampsthwaite, and now occupied by my husband William.

My real estate in Rowden Lane in Hampsthwaite, now occupied by James Foster, to my friends William Day, Esq., and William Bilton, In Trust to sell and :

To pay the legacies given by the Will of my late husband Stephen Shann.

To John Hardisty of Harrogate, Blacksmith, 100, and 60 equally amongst his children.

To Peter Hardisty and Richard Hardisty, sons of my nephew William Hardisty, 50 each.

To William Hardcastle the Younger, of Spruisty Bridge, and to his sister Ann Hardcastle, 50 each.

The residue of my estate to my nephew William Hardcastle whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : William Bannister, John Thorp, James Collins, Junr.


Codicil - 20th November 1784

Legacy of 50 each to Richard Hardisty and Peter Hardisty is revoked, and now given to my husband.

To my goddaughter Ann Rhodes 5 chargeable to my estate at Rowden Lane.

Witnesses : Hannah Wood, William Wood, Francis Fairbank


Codicil - 5th August 1788

The 100 to my husband given in my previous Codicil is revoked; now to go to my nephews William Hardcastle and John Hardisty.

Witnesses : Francis Fairbank, John Inman

Inrolled 11th September 1793






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