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Samuel Wardman - 9th December 1793 - V075

Hampsthwaite, Butcher

To my daughter Mary Wardman all my copyhold property in Killinghall.

At her death the same to my sons Robert Wardman, Samuel Wardman, Henry Wardman, Francis Wardman, and John Wardman, chargeable with :

To my daughter Elizabeth Lewis, wife of Richard Lewis, 20.

To my daughter Ann Leuty, wife of John Leuty, 10.

To my daughter Eleanor Broadbelt, wife of Stephen Broadbelt, 20.

To my granddaughter Catherine Wardman, daughter of my son William Wardman, 10.

To my daughters, above mentioned, the following sums to be paid six months after the death of my wife Eleanor Wardman :

To Elizabeth, 20. to Ann, 10, and to Eleanor, 20.

To my wife Eleanor [named items].

To my five sons 500 Upon Trust to invest and pay the interest to my wife, and at her death to divide amongst themselves.

The residue of my estate to my sons whom I appoint joint executors.

Witnesses : James Dolby, Thomas Thackeray, Henry Hardisty

Inrolled 15th January 1794






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