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Thomas Ellis - 29th August 1793 - V079

Birstwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite, Yeoman

To my son Thomas Ellis, and my sons-in-law William West, Joseph Tidswell, and Thomas Myers the piece of land, in Felliscliffe, I bought off William Simpson, along with all the houses and other buildings erected on it, and now occupied by my son Thomas; also the house and land at Bowden Lane, Parish of Hampsthwaite, now occupied by Joseph Stubbs, Upon Trust.

Rents from the Trust to be applied at 3 per year for clothing for my son Richard Ellis, and a further 5 per year for his maintenance and support.

The remainder of the rents to be equally divided amongst my four children, Thomas Ellis, Dinah West, Hannah Tidswell, and Sarah Myers.

At the death of Richard my Trustees are to borrow 180 on mortgage and pay 60 each to my daughters Dinah, Hannah, and Sarah.

The residue of my estate to be divided equally amongst my children.

I appoint my son Thomas and my son-in-law William West as executors.

Witnesses : William Snows, John Lumley, Joanna Metcalfe

Inrolled 1st May 1794






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