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Robert Spence - 22nd June 1793 - V080

Hartwith, Parish of Kirkby, Butcher

The land I bought off Miles Solley, consisting of a house and three closes called Bridge Field, Back Close, and Pasture Close; also the adjacent allotment of 1a 3r; also another allotment I bought off Stephen Gill of 1r; also the house now occupied by Thomas Waller, and all the land I bought off William Cook containing 4a; also the adjoining allotment of 2r 2p, and another piece of land at Menwith Hill, near Stone Beds, of 5a 1r 11p. All premises are at Menwith with Darley and are occupied by Robert Walker and Thomas Waller.

All the above to my brother John Spence Upon Trust :

To raise 100 on mortgage for my wife Sarah Spence.

To pay the rents to my wife for my son Thomas Spence and daughter Sarah Spence until my son reaches 21, and then all my real estate to be conveyed to him, chargeable with the 100 mortgage and 200 to my daughter Sarah when she reaches 21.

To pay an annuity of 8 to my wife.

Should my son Thomas die before reaching 21, then the real estate to be conveyed to my other children, Robert Spence, Rachel Spence, and Sarah Spence, in equal portions.

I give the house now occupied by Robert Walker and the three closes (being the estate of my late father Joseph Spence), also the close on Darley Carr of 3a 2r 11p, to my son Robert, chargeable with 200 to my daughter Rachel when she reaches 21.

I give my Beastgate on Dacre Pasture to my son Robert.

I nominate my wife and my brother as Trustees for Robert.

To my son John Spence 10 when he reaches 21.

To my daughter Hannah Spence 5 when she reaches 21.

The residue of my estate to my wife Sarah, whom I appoint with my brother as executors.

Witnesses : William Snow, Edward Bilton, Mary Stead


Codicil - 30th July 1793

Gives authority to raise more funds on mortgage as required


Codicil - 30th July 1793

The land devised to my son Robert to be charges with 125 to go to my wife when Robert reaches 21.

The mortgage of 100 to be raised to 125.






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