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William Stubbs - 5th September 1794 - V082

Beckwithshaw, Parish of Pannal, Yeoman

My real estate at Beckwithshaw, left to me by my father, with all my goods and chattels, to my uncle William Stubbs and Joshua Hardisty of Beckwithshaw, Upon Trust to sell my property and pay off the mortgage and invest the residue for my children.

Interest to Black Watch shared equally amongst my five children and then when they reach 21 to have :

Thomas Stubbs £20 when he has served his apprenticeship, and when he reaches 21 a further £100.

The remaining amount equally amongst my other four children, Ann Stubbs, John Winterburn, Samuel Winterburn, and Hannah Winterburn.

I appoint my uncle William and John Hardisty In Trust for my son and daughter, Thomas and Ann. And appoint John Winterburn of Hampsthwaite In Trust for Martha Winterburnís three children.

Witnesses : William Smith, Abraham Stubbs

Inrolled 24th September 1794






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