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Thomas Abbott - 6th March 1794 - W005

Knaresborough, Innholder

To my son Thomas Abbott my colt called Tidler.

To my wife Sarah Abbott, whom I appoint executor, the house now occupied by James Withinshaw. At her death the same to my son Thomas.

Should my wife die and my son die under 21, then the same to my sister-in-law Frances Jackson.

All my freehold property in Knaresborough, occupied by John Ellison, Benjamin Lawton, Thomas Lund, William Brunton, John Ward, and myself, to my son Thomas. If he dies under 21 then the same to my wife, and at her death to my nephew and nieces James Abbott, Mary Abbott, Ann Abbott, Martha Abbott, Jane Abbott, and Charlotte Abbott, the children of my brother Henry Abbott.

Should my wife during the minority of my son then I appoint my friends Ralph Robinson and Richard Wheelhouse as guardians and trustees for my son.

Witnesses : Francis Fairbank, William Benson, Thomas Richardson


Codicil - 19th July 1794

My wife to have the absolute disposal of the property occupied by John Ellison.

Witnesses : Richard Wheelhouse, Ralph Lofthouse, Francis Fairbank

Inrolled 5th November 1794





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