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John Wilks - 28th November 1794 - W009

Darley, Gentleman

To my wife Ann Wilks my copyhold house, and contents, at Darley. Also 100. Also an annuity of 15. [There are some provisos concerning the death of their daughter Sarah Wilks within the lifespan of his wife. You need to read]

To my son Joseph Wilks 200.

My late brother, Joshua Wilks, devised to my son Joseph Cragg House, chargeable with 100 to my son Jacob Wilks. It is now my will that Jacob release Joshua from this commitment.

To my sons Jacob and Joseph my real estate at Dacre Pasture, lately let to Jonathan Burgess and now to William Houseman, during the life of my daughter Sarah, Upon Trust to give the rents to her. At the death of Sarah this property to go to my son Jacob, chargeable with 200 to my son Joseph.

Some time ago I bought, with my son Joseph, an estate at Cragghouse in the township of Bishopside. I now devise my moiety Joseph.

The residue of my estate to my son Jacob, whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Samuel Wilkinson, William Constantine





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