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Thomas Lowcock - 16th July 1795 - W019

Menwith, Parish of Hampsthwaite

To my granddaughter Jane Hardcastle [named items] and an annuity of 2 5s, chargeable to the rents arising from my real estate.

Any money remaining from the rents to go to my sons Joseph Lowcock and John Lowcock.

To my grandsons and granddaughters, the children of my late son Thomas Lowcock, 20s each.

I nominate William Downe and Stephen Downe as Trustees, who are to sell my real estate on the death of my two sons.

50 from this sale to go to the children of my granddaughter Jane Hardcastle, on her death.

The residue of the sale money to be divided into eight parts. One part each to : The children of Joseph and the heirs of John. Second part to James Lowcock. Third to Clare Husthwaite. Fourth part to William Lowcock. Fifth part to Joseph Lowcock. Sixth part to John Lowcock. Seventh part to Mary Lowcock. Eighth part to Ellen Smith.

Witnesses : Samuel Fryer, Joshua Hardisty

Inrolled 16th September 1795






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