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Elizabeth Render - 11th May 1795 - W026


Wife of Francis Render the younger, of Hampsthwaite, Linen Weaver

To my father-in-law, Francis Render, an annuity of 3, chargeable to my Copyhold estate at Hampsthwaite, called Cock Close.

My Copyhold estate at Hampsthwaite to my husband. At his death the same to my daughter Ellen Render.

Should my daughter die, without issue, before she reaches 21, then the same to my nephews and niece, Walter Gill, William Gill, and Ann Gill, the children of my brother John Gill.

I appoint my husband executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Thackeray, John Gill, Francis Fairbank

Inrolled 9th December 1795.






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