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Mark Grimstone - 23rd May 1795 - W028

Bilton with Harrogate, Yeoman

I appoint my son Thomas Grimstone executor.

All my Copyhold property in Pannal to my son Thomas, chargeable with :

100 to my daughter Ann Matson, wife of Francis Matson. At her death this sum is to be shared between my granddaughters, Dorothy Matson, Mary Dickinson, wife of George Dickinson, and Elizabeth Matson.

To my granddaughter Margrit Carr, wife of John Carr, 50. Also a further 50 on the death of my son Thomas.

To my grandson Robert Grimstone 20. Should he die before he reaches 21, then the same to my grandson John Grimstone.

To my grandson John 100, after the death of my son Thomas.

Witnesses : Joseph Fawcett, William Fawcett, Mary Fawcett

Inrolled 10th February 1796






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