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Jonathan Gill - 24th September 1795 - W029

Stainburn, Yeoman

To my sister Mary Skirrow and her daughter Mary Skirrow and annuity of 6 between them, chargeable to my Freehold estate at Leathley which I bought off Mary Todd and others.

My real estate at Leathley to my nephew John Skirrow.

136 13s 4d each to my sisters Ann Harrison, Betty (otherwise Elizabeth) Bailey, and Sarah Elsworth.

136 13s 4d to be shared by the children of my late sister Grace Exley.

To my brother John Gill all my Copyhold property at Fewston, now occupied by William Holmes and Daniel Turner, chargeable with the above four legacies.

The 100 I have invested to my brother and sisters : 20 each and the remaining 20 to the children of my late sister Grace.

The residue of my estate to John Skirrow whom I appoint executor.

Witnesses : Benjamin Walker, Jonathan Todd, Thomas Kendray






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