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Thomas Maywood - 24th December 1794 - W030

Knaresborough, Wheel Maker

All my personal estate to William Eteson, the elder, of Knaresborough, Butcher, and Henry Taylor of Knaresborough, Schoolmaster, Upon Trust :

5 to my wife Dorothy Maywood and an annuity of 2, to be paid out of the interest on 100 invested by my Trustees.

To my daughter Dorothy Dobson, wife of Thomas Dobson, the residue of the interest on the 100 after the 2 annuity is paid.

At the death of my wife the 100 to be divided amongst the children of my daughter Dorothy. If no children then she is to have the 100 and at her death the same to the children of my son-in-law, John Proctor.

100 to my son-in-law John, chargeable with an annuity of 2 to my son Thomas Maywood. At the death of my son Thomas the 100 to be divided amongst the children of my son-in-law.

5 to my son Thomas Maywood.

5 to William Young of Knaresborough, Innkeeper.

5 to the widow of James Hardy (sister of William Young).

10 to the widow of John Carr late of Hunsingore.

5 each to William Turnbull and John Turnbull, nephews of John Turnbull of Knaresborough.

Residue of my estates to the children my daughter Dorothy and John Proctor.

Witnesses : Samuel Gill, John Forster, Junr.






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