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John Spence - 18th June 1794 - W036

The Abbey, Knaresborough, Farmer and Miller

To my sons Richard Spence and John Spence, whom I appoint executors, my real and personal estate. Should either of my sons chose to continue as tenant, under Sir Thomas Turner Slingsby, my farm and mill, they should pay an annuity of 10 to my daughter Ann Spence.

20 each to my sons and daughters, Elizabeth Spence, Isabella Spence, Jane Spence, Francis Spence, Miles Spence, and George Spence.

1 1s each to my sons Edward Spence, William Spence and Robert Spence.

[Named items to his children]

I request that whoever continues to rent my farm should continue to allow my brother-in-law, William Thompson, to live there and look after him.

Witnesses : Thomas Whincup, William Elland, Robert Latham






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