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Thomas Buckle - 7th May 1795 - W049

Scotton, Yeoman

To my wife Elizabeth Buckle my real estate in Scotton.

At her death :

To my son Thomas Buckle, the flatt called Holme Field in Scotton being 5 roods, and commonly called Short Holmes.

The residue of my real estate to my son Walter Buckle chargeable with 40 to my son Thomas Buckle, and 40 each to my daughters Jane Stephenson, Elizabeth Dearlove, Magdalene Buckle, and Beatrix Buckle. Also chargeable with 15 each to my grandsons Simon Buckle, William Buckle, and Walter Buckle, the sons of my late son William Buckle, and 10 each to my granddaughters Ellen Buckle, Sarah Buckle, and Elizabeth Buckle, the daughters of my late brother.

All my household goods, furniture, and residue of my estate to my son Walter Buckle, whom I appoint executor.

The flatt called Holme Field is at mortgage for 100 with Abraham Ward. The interest is to be chargeable to my son Thomas Buckle.

Witnesses : Mary Kelley, Robert Keighley, Francis Fairbank






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