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Charles Lomas - 1st February 1795 - W050

Knaresborough, Cotton Manufacturer

All my real and personal estate to William Wheelhouse of Knaresborough, and John Lomas the Younger of Mountain, Paper Manufacturer, as executors In Trust, to sell and invest, except as mentioned. Interest to be used for my children’s maintenance and when the youngest reaches 21, the principal to be shared amongst them.

Should all my children die without issue then the same to my sisters Elizabeth Lawrence and Frances Lomas, and the children of my brother John Lomas

To my nephews Ralph Lomas and James Lomas all my wearing apparel. 

[Other named items distributed amongst family]

To my sister Frances Lomas and my servant Margaret Metcalfe, £10 10s each.

To the priest at Follifoot an annuity of 10s.

To my Trustees £10 10s each.

Witnesses : Martin Cass, Henry Taylor, Joseph M Allen






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