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John Kent - 30th June 1797 - W063

Haverah Park, Yeoman

My copyhold estate at Beckwithshaw, now occupied by John Wood, which I bought off Isaac Forrest, to my son Benjamin Kent.

My copyhold estate called Dan Cross in Pannal, now occupied by Robert Rollinson, to my son Thomas Kent.

My half of a 35 acre allotment on Rossett Moor, now occupied by Thomas Dickinson, to my three sons Thomas, Benjamin, and James Kent.

My allotment at Beckwith Moor, now occupied by Frederick Stoner, to my daughter Ann Kent, and at her death to her children.

My copyhold estate called Cryer Farm, in the Parish of Pannal, now occupied by Henry Cullingworth, to my son James.

To my son Edward Kent my copyhold estate, within the Parish of Pannal, now occupied by Henry Cullingworth and my son Edward. Also my half of the freehold estate at ??? Hill in Rigton, now occupied by Edward. Also 300 out of my personal estate.

My two freehold closes of 8 acres at Weeton, now occupied by Abraham Dennison, to my wife Sarah Kent, and at her death the same to my sons John Kent, Thomas, Edward, James, Benjamin and William Kent; chargeable with 150 to my daughter Ann after the death of my wife, and provided that my youngest sons Benjamin and William have reached 21.

The residue of my real estate in Weeton, all my real estate in Huby and Rigton not previously mentioned to my wife and my son William.

To my wife 10.

All my real estate at Timble to my son John. Also 300.

The tuition of my sons Benjamin and William to my wife. Should she die before they reach 21, then the same to my son Thomas.

The residue of my personal estate to my sons Thomas, James and Benjamin.

I appoint my wife and my son Thomas as executors.

Witnesses : Edward Richardson, Thomas Fletcher, Samuel Morrell






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