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Henry Leake - 12th July 1798 - W067

Great Ouseburn, Carpenter

My personal estate to my wife Ann Leake. Also the house at the rear of my house and the allotment called The Carr in Great Ouseburn.

At her death the same to my three grandsons William Brown and John Brown, children of my daughter Jane Brown, and John Leake, son of my son Nathaniel Leake.

10 to Jane Leake and 5 to Mary Leake, daughters of my son Nathaniel.

5 to Jane Dodgson and 5 to Elizabeth Dodgson, daughters of my daughter Elizabeth Dodgson.

To my son Nathaniel 1s.

To my daughters Jane and Elizabeth 1s each.

All the above legacies to paid one year after the death of my wife.

To my great-grandson Henry Leake, the son of my late grandson Henry Leake, 20 when he reaches 21. should he die before then, the same to my grandsons William, John, and John.

One years after the death of my wife, I charge my three grandsons with a yearly payment of 1 to my great-grandson during his minority. Also to sell the premises devised to them in order to pay the legacies to my great-grandson.

To my wife, whom I appoint executor, an annuity of 5 chargeable to my real estate.

Witnesses : Francis Mountain, James Strickland, John Parker






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