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Ann Cass - 8th August 1785 - W070

Knaresborough, Wife of Thomas Cass, Linen Weaver

By virtue of Indenture 15th May 1783.

To my son Matthew Cass 10.

To my son George Cass 41.

To my daughter Margaret Cass 70.

To my son John Cass 50.

To my daughter Jane Cass 70.

The legacies to my children George, John, and Margaret, include the legacies left them by my late mother Ann Burnet.

To my husband the interest on 250, and at his death that principal sum amongst my five children.

I appoint John Baxter the Younger, of Knaresborough, Merchant, and John Inman of Knaresborough, Flax Dresser, as executors.

Witnesses : Joseph Clark, James Collins






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