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Ann Richardson - 27th October 1789 - W075

Knaresborough, Widow

To Sarah Kitson, wife of my nephew John Kitson, [named items].

To my nephew Thomas Wheelhouse [named items]

To my cousin Dorothy Pickersgill [named items]

To my nephew John 70.

To my nephew Thomas 22 10s.

To my nephew William Wheelhouse 22 10s and any sums of money which he may still owe me at the time of my death.

The residue of my household goods and personal estate to my niece Mary Cass, whom I appoint executor, the wife of Martin Cass.

All my real estate equally amongst my nephews and niece, John, William, Thomas, and Mary.

Witnesses : Mary Johnson, William Benson, Francis Fairbank

Inrolled 1st November 1797






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