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Mary Pickersgill - 6th April 1784 - W076

Knaresborough, Spinster

All my real estate in Knaresborough to my sister Ann Richardson. At her death :

One third of my real estate to Thomas Wheelhouse of Knaresborough, and at his death the same to his children. If no issue then the same to William Wheelhouse, Mary Cass, the wife of Martin Cass, and John Kitson. At their death the same to Burnet Cass Wheelhouse

One third to Mary Cass. At her death the same to Burnet Cass Wheelhouse.

One third to John Kitson. At his death the same to his daughter Ann Kitson.

The first two thirds are each chargeable with an annuity of 1 10s to John Kitson.

All interest on my personal estate to my sister Ann, and at her death the principal sum to go to Thomas Wheelhouse, Mary Cass, and John Kitson.

Residue of my estate to my sister Ann whom I appoint executrix.

Witnesses : Jane Gillespie, James Collins Junr, James Peirs

Inrolled 1st November 1797






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