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Sarah Umpleby - 17th April 1795 - W079

Menwith with Darley, Widow

My copyhold estate at Menwith with Darley to my sons-in-law Anthony Demaine, Joseph Steel, and William Hudson, chargeable with :

20 each to my grandsons John Demaine, Anthony Demaine, and William Demaine, when they reach 21.

20 each to my granddaughters Hannah Steel, Mary Steel, and Nancy Steel, when they reach 21. The interest on the principal sums to be used by their father Joseph for their maintenance and support.

60 to my son-in-law William.

5 to my son-in-law Joseph.

Residue of my real and personal estate to my three sons-in-law, whom I appoint executors.

Witnesses : John Steel, William Weatherhead, Robert Irish

Inrolled 22nd November 1797






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