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Enos Cundall - 30th August 1796 - W081

Knaresborough, Mason

To my wife Elizabeth Cundall her choice of household goods to furnish a house.

My copyhold house in Knaresborough, where I now live, with its stables, granaries and outbuildings, also my share in the cotton mill near Knaresborough, and he residue of my household contents, and my personal estate, to Thomas Driffield the younger, of Knaresborough, and John Ireland the younger, of Kendall, Upon Trust :

To sell the residue of my household goods and my share in the cotton mill, and to receive 5 each for their trouble, and to place the funds at interest. This interest to me used for the maintenance of my mother and an allowance for my sister Isabel Cundall; the residue to go to my wife for the maintenance of my daughters Elizabeth Cundall, Rebecca Cundall, Ann Cundall, and Jane Cundall during their minority.

5 to my nephew James Cundall. Should he die before reaching 21 then the same to my sister Isabel.

An annuity of 20 for my wife, or 5 if she remarries.

Should John Ireland decline the Trust then my preference as a replacement is my brother-in-law John Umpleby.

Witnesses : James Collins, Francis Fairbank, Samuel Powell Junr

Codicil - 6th March 1798

Isaac Newton of Knaresborough is added as a Trustee.

Witnesses : Thomas Richardson, William Andrews, John Ellison

Inrolled 12th September 1798






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