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Margaret Benson - 6th April 1797 - W091

Knaresborough, Wife of William Benson, Gentleman

To my husband 300 which I am empowered to give by virtue of my marriage settlement. At his death the same amongst our children.

If my husband dies without issue then the same to Margaret Spink, the daughter of Benjamin Spink of Wetherby.

To my cousins Mary Holmes, the wife of William Holmes, Henry Burniston, William Burniston, Christopher Burniston, Sarah Marston, the wife of John Marston, and Jane Midgley, the wife of Joseph Midgley, 20 each.

To Joseph Spink and Benjamin Spink, the sons of Benjamin Spink, 50 each.

To William Spink, another son of Benjamin, and Margaret Spink 200 each.

To Mary Spink, another daughter of Benjamin, 10.

All above legacies to be paid after the death of my husband.

All my invested money to Benjamin Spink of Wetherby, and his wife Ann Spink, whom I appoint executors.

To our servant Esther Burniston 10.

Witnesses : James Collins, Robert Latham

Codicil - 7th April 1799

10 to Esther Burniston revoked.

I give the 10 now to Mary Waite.

Witnesses : James Collins, Robert Latham






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