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Francis Graham - 29th April 1797 - W093

Menwith with Darley, Carpenter

To my son Francis Graham the house in which I now live at Sheepscoat in Menwith with Darley.

The residue of my real estate to William Day of Birstwith, Gentleman, and Jacob Wilks of Darley, Gentleman, Upon Trust to sell and apply the profits for my wife Sarah Graham and my son Francis.

To my wife a bed, bedding and any furniture she may require.

To my on the remainder of my furniture, my working tools of my trade and my clothes.

Residue of my personal belongings to my Trustees to sell and pay the profit to my wife, and at her death to my son.

Witnesses : William Hustwaite, William Graham, David Hardcastle

Inrolled 20th May 1799






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