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George Emsley - 29th November 1798 - W094

Thurscross, Parish of Fewston, Stone Mason

My goods, chattels, and personal estate to my executors, less a bed, bedding and furniture for one room for my wife.

£30 to my daughter Mary Emsley when she reaches 21. Prior to that she is to receive an annuity of £1 1s.

My copyhold property to my two sons George Emsley and Robert Emsley. They are to allow the West parlour for my wife to live in, and to pay her an annuity of £7. should she remarry then she is to only receive 1s. at my wife’s death they are to pay their sister £30.

As my son Robert is a minor, I appoint my friend Joseph Hardisty of West End as Trustee for my son.

Witnesses : Joseph Hardisty, Robert Peel, William Thompson

Inrolled 29th November 1798

Inventory of 11th January 1799 by Joseph Hardisty, Matthew Chapman, Robert Thompson, and Robert Peel available






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