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Mary Taylor - 24th August 1787 - W097

Wife of William Taylor of Beamish, Durham

My real estate in High Street, Knaresborough, to my husband, and at his death to my child or children that I may have. If no child then to my brother Edward Mountain subject to an annuity of 5 to my brother Francis Mountain.

To my husband the interest on 200 which is mine and with my brother Edward. At his death the same to my children and if none then to my two brothers.

My close in Scriven with Tentergate to my brother Francis.

My house and lands in Pannal to my children, if any, subject to an annuity of 10 to my brother Francis, pursuant to the Will of my late aunt Mary Fairfax. If no child then to my brother Edward.

All my clothes to my children, and if none then to my mother Ann Mountain if living, else to my niece Amy Mountain.

I wish to buried at Knaresborough alongside my friends, and I appoint my brother Edward as executor.

Witnesses : Thomas Marshall, Mary Earnshaw, Peter Earnshaw






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