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Jane Swire - 7th August 1797 - W098

Melsonby, Spinster

To my uncle Samuel Swire, Clerk, 200.

To Mrs Jane Higginson 50.

To Roger Swire of Halifax 20.

To Elizabeth Laycock of Melsonby 10.

To Roger Reyner of Halifax 10 when he reaches 21.

To my cousin Samuel Swire 20.

To my cousin Ann Swire 100.

I give mourning rings to my aunt Margaret Dowgill, my uncle Samuel, my cousins Elizabeth Swire, Bramley Swire and Samuel Swire, to Elizabeth Cole, and my sister-in-law Mary Swire.

The rings from my late parents and my late brother John Swire to go to my niece Mary Swire.

The ring given me by Mrs Jane Higginson to my niece Elizabeth.

[List of named items distributed]

Residue of my estates to my brother Samuel Swire and my sister Elizabeth In Trust to pay my niece Mary Swire 500 when she reaches 21.

I appoint my uncle Samuel executor.

Witnesses : Robert Lecks, James Keppel, Margaret Patinson






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