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Thomas Wilks - 1st May 1797 - W101

Knaresborough, Common Brewer

To my wife Mary Wilks an annuity of 100.

To my daughters Elizabeth Wilks and Ann Wilks 1,200 each when they reach 21. Also 400 each at the death of my wife.

My freehold and leasehold property, chargeable with the annuity and legacies, to my sons Jonathan Wilks and William Wilks. Also all my personal estate.

I appoint my wife, my brother Timothy Wilks and my friend John Foss of Knaresborough, Attorney, as executors.

Witnesses : Edward Leefe, George Lambert, Bryan Dawson

Codicil - 10th June 1799

Legacies to daughter increased to 1,500 each

Legacies and annuity now to be charged to property occupied by William Whittaker, Richard Lister, Miss Mush, and Francis Bussey.

Witnesses : Frances Mush, George Lambert, Mary Hawking

Codicil - 3rd July 1799

Gives his Trustees power to raise mortgage and convey property if required.

Witnesses : James B Adair, MD, Mary Tuton, W Tindall






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