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John Gill - 21st June 1797 - W102

Timble Ings, Parish of Fewston, Yeoman

My personal estate to my executor Stephen Gill.

My real estate, now occupied by George Penetent to my son Stephen Gill, chargeable with my legacies.

To my three grandchildren Sarah Jeffrey, Jane Gill, and Elizabeth Gill 20 each when they reach 21.

40 towards the maintenance and education of my grandchildren.

To my daughter-in-law, who is now Elizabeth Seignier, wife of David Seignier, 1s.

To my daughter Elizabeth Pettyet, the wife of William Pettyet, an annuity of 5.

An annuity of 6 to my wife, and be allowed to live in my house.

To Luke Umpleby, son of Luke Umpleby of Draughton, Parish of Skipton, 20 when he reaches 21.

100 to be divided amongst the children of my daughter Elizabeth.

Witnesses : Anthony Ward, Martha Ward, William Pullan

Inrolled 4th September 1799






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